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Youth in Leadership Conference Kraków and some personal thoughts about consequences of leadership

April 27, 2015

25 April 2015 in ICE KrakówYouth in Leadership Conference Kraków. All day with the leaders and about the leaders. 7 speakers, different views on leadership, sharing experiences and knowlegde. Many interesting people as a participants, almost 300! The audience were: startup founders, NGO, students, local activists and more.



  • Cezary Wójcik – Leadership – managing people in organizations
  • Małgorzata Steiner – Introduction to adaptive leadership
  • Ela Madej and Seth Bannon – The psychological price of leading a startup – how much is too much?
  • Witold Drożdż – Leadership in business and administration – similarities and differences
  • Eli Winkelman – How to build organizations that change the world
  • Alberto Soler Soto – Leaders are the new poets

I liked very much Alberto’s and Eli’s talk (I missed Cezary’s workshop :(), but my favorite topic belongs to Ela Madej and Seth Bannon – How much is too much leading an organization. I am grateful they started discussion on that topic.

Running a startup as a big challenge. This problem is common also for a company founders and other organizations runners. Even more. Do you have more university studies? Do you attempt to reconcile work and learning? Are you volunteering to some organization? When we are obliged to too much duties – there is always something to do, we are almost always behind. When too much responsibility lies on us, we sacrifice relationships, family. It leads to anxiety, sleep problems, memory and concentration impairment and results in depression. We feel like we are failure. It is a very common problem and affects many people. Too much cortisol and stress. We can have health problems. Nowadays people do not want to talk about their failures aloud. I feel like it was kind of taboo and Ela with Seth broke it.

How can we break the vicious circle? Ela’s answer is to sleep more, go on vacations, dance more, get a massages, do meditation, take away time, talk to friends, exercise – and its science it works. Learn how to relax your body.

Activities like that can prevent you going down, when you find the first signs of the crisis. If so, you almost won. Release more time for vacations, dancing and laughter with other people, you will probably be fine.

But it might not be so easy as above. There might be too late for solving problems just like that. So stop for a minute and think about how do you feel. There is a possibility your problem is complex. If so, do not deny that you have a problem. Don’t assume you will always handle problem on your own. Check out Barbara’s post about her realizing that she needs a change in her life. It can help you or your friend.

Personally I can say I am in the middle of the crysis, after realizing I have a problem having too much on my plate, be committed to too many duties, telling everybody I know about the problem – with no progress. But physically I feel that I have to get out of this. There will be fight.