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Web Summit October 2013

November 8, 2013

Worth coming!

I will definitely go to the next Web Summit event! I recommend you to go, too. It is the biggest web technology event in Europe. The conference took place at the Royal Dublin Society. The event was attended by over 10000 people from all over the world. It was a great occasion to listen to famous people as a speakers, show up as a startup, gain contacts, investors, look at interesting ideas, services and products.

let's meet next year
Let’s meet next year

Stages and speakers

All speeches were divided into 5 stages: Main Stage, Cloud Stage, Developer Stage, Digital Marketing Stage and Library Stage. In addition, in the event were distributed smaller stages called pitching stages.

Main Stage
Main Stage

The first day I felt lost. So many things to see and people to listen to – you don’t really know where to go at first.
From the begining I was planning to listen to presentations. I chose some topics from Developer Stage, some from Main Stage. Later I decided to leave the auditorium and take a look at the rest of the event. And thank god I did it.



There was a huge space designed for startups and sponsors. 1 hall with quarters for sponsors (Central Hub) and 1 hall for many smaller quarters divided by subject (Alpha Village). It was the most interesting area in my opinion. A lot of people with countless ideas who wanted to be listened to :) Hundreds of them. A great way to inspiration. It was not possible to stop at even half of them and talk. So I drifted along them and I chose that seemed to be most unusual and special.

I want to show you a few interesting startups from that stands in my next posts.
There were also startups from Poland. I managed to find few of them and talk to.


You could have participate in workshops. You did not have to be an attendee of Web Summit to register and come along.

Web Summit Food

Food Summit
Food Summit

There was also a food showcase called Food Summit but I don’t believe someone spent more time taking a closer look at it beyond little time for a meal. However, I met there representative of Cornucopia, the place to eat I strongly recommend in Dublin. They have very tasty vege food. I loved it at once. It is situated in the city center.

Closing Party

I was also present at the Closing Party hosted by Bing, but it was organized outside so it was very cold and I did not stay long. At the end of the report – a glowing bracelet and sparkly drink from Bing for participants of Closing Party.