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Web Summit Hackathon #hack4good 0.3 Dublin

October 30, 2013
hack4good 0.3 Dublin
#hack4good 0.3 Dublin

After registering my ticket for Web Summit as a developer I was invited to participate in #hack4good event the day before the Web Summit. Event took place at Datigital Skills Academy, Dublin on October 29, 2013 from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (GMT). I took with me also Jan Kraus to that event.

#hack4good was organized by geeklist, community place for developers. The idea was to collect about 120 developers and help nonprofit organizations to solve theirs problems or to find a way to help people during some crisises or disasters. Proposed topics was amazing. You can check what has been done during the event.

Together with Jan and Maria I chose to create the Impact Tracker for Young Enterprise to help tracking people once they graduated. Our app is based on Symfony 2, twitter bootstrap, sendgrid and linkedIn connection. We are planning to develop that application in future.

Event was supported by before and after party. Before party was a great occasion to meet people and theirs ideas for hackathons apps.
At the end every team presented their application, you can check a relation here. The best apps of all was prize.
The youngest attendee of hackathon was 11 year old boy :)

Final presentations:

I came home with several stickers on laptop, T-shirts, new contacts and great memories :)

Hi there
Hi there