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Web Summit 2013 startups and ideas

November 26, 2013

A few (from hundreds!) interesting startups, tools and ideas from Web Summit 2013, choosen by me:

  • Cube sensors – cube measures temparature, humidity, air quality, pressure, noise and light at your home.
  • Jomi – a personal hydration tracker device/band for a health.
  • Frommees – pass the button and see how it travels around the world.
  • Be-Bound – stay connected even with low or no data access when in roaming.
  • Monkey Box – share passwords, devices, services and files with customers.
  • Ketch – they say they can count everything.
  • CloudDock – cloud storage service, connect Google Drive, Dropbox etc. file sharing.
  • Userspan – make screenshot, draw on it and send – save time when you noticed a bug.
  • MyPermissions – app for privacy protection, API for developers.
  • Currency Fr and The Currency Cloud – lower costs for currency conversion for international payments/transferring money internationally.
  • Pikto chart – infographics design for laic like me.
  • Yummy pets – social network platform for pet owners.
  • – community based on website.
  • Cardio – qardio device monitoring system giving you medical-grade data.
  • Joyinapp – save your ideas!
  • In flow – track your mood, find when/where you are happy the most.
  • IQPolls – get feedback in real time during conferences/presentations by polls on mobile devices.
  • nexmo – cloud sms and text-to-speech API.

I will definitely give you feedback as soon as I test that apps.