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Symfony Conference Warsaw

January 6, 2014

A two-day Symfony conference in Warsaw came to a finish. Event was hosted by The Westin Warsaw on 10-14 December 2013. Good location.

It was an occasion to meet important people from symfony community and listen to Fabien Potencier personally.
You can look at the time table. A several of the presentations were quite interesting but most of them was for the begginers, unfortunatelly :( I was hoping for something lightening my mind but it did not happened. But event was good for caching a contacts.

I found out Zend Server a useful tool. I am going to try it for real. Zend organized an inquiring competition. You had to answer 5 questions about Zend Server, after its debugging task. What kind of questions? Which file/function causes a slow request, is cached and how long – that kind of stuff. A pize – plush elephant mascot with PHP inscription, limited edition.

Conference ended with the awards. Congratulations!
For me with a few new T-shirts and stickers.

I am not so sure if I am going for the next Symfony conference…