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Summary of 2014

January 20, 2015

Rails Girls year

I was a coach during Rails Girls Youth Kraków, Rails Girls Łódź, Rails Girls Wrocław and Rails Girls Silesia, Gliwice. I already had some experience leading a group so I loved to be a tutor. It was my firts time visiting Łódź. Piotrkowska street wins contest for the best party. Then I fell in love with Wrocław city, did you know?

Organizer life

Together with Jan Kraus I became the ambassador and an organizer of Hack4good in Kraków in cooperation with Geeklist. With a help of really great team we had a chance to start new event with a success :) There was also another successful edition, Hack4good 0.6 in September.

I think I turned out to be a good organizer – despite the fact that it was entirely new experience in my life. I has proven myself as a leader of the project, although some things I could improve. Nonetheless, I am very proud of myself.

I become an organizer of Women in Technology meetings in Kraków. I will always remember the stress before the first meeting.

Then I dropped organizing Webmuses workshops in order to clear up my work-volunteering-life balance. That was brave of me. I really do not like dropping projects I started.

Traveling is always close to me

I visited Munich, Germany. The best attraction was Neuschwanstein Castle – inspiration for the castle of Sleeping Beauty in Disneyland. Then Bled in Slovenia – the place I loved at once and I know I will come back there. 2 weeks of real vacations on Madera in Portugal – great views, great place. New Year’s Eve I spent in Bologna and Rome, in Italy.

New skills challenge

Beyond being an organizer I was working as a social media marketer (among an avalanche of other organizer’s responsibilities) during Hack4good in Kraków. I was promoting the Hack4good 0.6 Kraków event. We’ve gain over 450 fans in 3 weeks on facebook. Now I personally regret underestimating job that cares about promotion. It is so much time consuming…

At the begining of the year I planned to start learning how to build iOS apps. But I could not find free time for doing it. But it is still on my TODO list!