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Summary of 2013

February 8, 2014

I did not make a summary earlier because I am constantly busy. But what a year! Full of travels, involving events and meetings.

Entrepreneur life

I started my own company – it was a mileston. It allowed me to be more independent and to travel easier and to choose more interesting projects and technologies to use. Is there a better way to gain a lot of experience in a quick period of time? Now I doubt it.
From that time organizing my time was an easier task, and I could do more!. Some sacrifice was multitasking, a lot of new knowledge, but i do not mind it. Still new challenges ahead of me!
I recommend setting your own company at least once in your lifetime if you have some of those personality traits.

Tutor life

I started to coach a group connected with WebMuses in Kraków. The plan was to teach women CSS, HTML, Ruby, Sinatra and Ruby on Rails. I promote and support women in IT, but in my group everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. We meet once every week.

Traveller life

I visited a few new cities. First of all was Malta – I have been 7 days on the island. I recommend you that place – the best when you are interested in archeology and the oldest buildings discovered on earth (older than Stonehenge or pyramids).

I also visited Hamburg and Heide Park Resort. Great rollercoasters giving bunch of emotions. A place definitely worth visiting.

In the summer I visited Greece – Crete and Santorini islands. Crete was just fabulous, one of the best places in the world for now, with warm air and water, healthy food and enyojable people. Santorini (Thira) was not so good in my opinion, but still, it is a beautiful place.

For the first time of my life I was in Philharmonic (Kraków Philharmonic Hall). I have always wanted to come there and listen to Symphony Orchestra. I like classical music a lot.

I visited my family village and went camping(!) in the tent (yes, for real) in the forest (indeed), for the first time from about 10 years. I felt so old.


I visited Dublin after a winning ticket for Web Summit event. I was also invited to take part in Hack4good hackathon in Dublin the day before Web Summit. It was the beginning of my adventure with Hack4good.

I was a participant of the Symfony Conference in Warsaw. It was very interesting experience, as I could personally listen to Fabien Potencier, creator of Symfony Framework, Kris Wallsmith, Bernhard Schussek or other creators of the most popular bundles in Symfony.

Other personal achievements

I started to eat more healthy and drink natural juices every day.
I was happy to welcome my sister on university in Kraków.
In October made my first Halloween pumpkin.
I also started to write a cosmetic blog ;)
I started to be more active on twitter.