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Rails Girls 2014 Kraków

April 12, 2014

This year’s Kraków Rails Girls event was a special one. It was called Rails Girls Youth and was activity for girls aged from 13 to 19. You can read about the event at the Rails Girls homepage. Generally it is dedicated to teaching women how to create web applications and encouraging them to program.

The event took place for the third time in Kraków, this year on April 5th. I was invited to be a coach and I was very excited about it! The Rails Girls organizer in Kraków is Webmuses, community of women interested in information technology. They organize a variety of workshops, but not only for women. You are invited if you want to come!

At the workshop you can learn how to create web applications using Ruby on Rails framework. And you don’t have to be a woman to participate :) But priority belongs to girls.

It was 18 coaches and 50 chosen girls divided into groups of 2-3 persons. From 8 am to 6 pm they all had to create an app that runs on Rails. And just have fun with it :)
In the middle of the day there was a break for a several short lightning talks.
My group managed to finish a tutorial and create a project with a little help (good girls!). It was splendid programming time for those young girls (they said that!). They were also very excited, full of energy and wanted to know more and more – and there was much to be gained. And I am glad I could help them.

Fot. Wiktoria Dalach
Fot. Wiktoria Dalach

I am currently a coach at Webmuses, but only once a week for about 3 hours. Rails Girls was an entirely new experience in my life. I had to speak constantly for several hours and at the end of the day I lost my voice… Nevertheless, I am happy I could be a part of it :)

Thanks to the organizers the event was very well prepared. Congrats! The day was finished with a party in Poligamia, one of Kraków’s night clubs (18 above of course).

You can see photos, organizers and sponsors you can see on Rails Girls Kraków facebook page. Ah, and of course a summarizing movie :)

See you at the next Rails Girls event!