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Professional women after hours – meeting with a dietician and a stylist

December 10, 2015
96 Polski

Friday, 18 December 2015 at 18:00 UTC+01
Ambasada Krakowian
ul. Stolarska 6/9, 31-043 Kraków, Poland

These are not technical meetings, but we hope it will help your personal development and life balance.

The workshop will be divided into two parts:

How to strengthen your immunity and become less dependent from pharmacy drugs? – Dorota Malik-Ferfecka


  • What does determine our health?
  • How do we gain immunity?
  • How does stress impact immunity?
  • What is the relationship between atherosclerosis and immunity?
  • Is cancer disease associated with immunity problems?
  • What is responsible for immune system activity slowing down?
  • What makes our immune system work properly?

Dorota Malik-Ferfecka – Dietician, member of Polish Academy of Health. She participates in health trainings and conferences. Her passion is to explore natural medicine. She can help you recover and maintain health, well-being and a healthy look. She works with Akuna Polska.

Workshops with a stylist – Małgorzata Niezgoda

Clothes should not be bought by accident. However, often we make a fashion choice under the influence of a moment and in a mood, without paying much attention to it. The point is, you should have clothes in your wardrobe that are a good fit for you and clothes you feel comfortable in.


  • Why do women love high heels? How to choose a proper heel height? How to choose good and comportable shoes?
  • Discussing the most common mistakes made in styling. What to pay attention for when composing an outfit? How to look better? What mistakes to avoid?
  • An interactive part. Q&A.

Małgorzata Niezgoda – Sociologist, journalist and image consultant. Loves traveling, good food, and luxurious things. Well-established intuition supported by experience helps her in everyday life in decisions making and meeting people who make her feel happy.