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Italy 2014

January 6, 2015

Here we go! A week from Italy :) 1 day in Bologna and 5 days in Rome. I did not fall in love in that country. Reasons why – are listed below.

Litters everywhere

Unfortunalety, the places where I had occasion to walk in Italy were very littered. I wonder if things are different in a summer.


It was cold and rainy, but in the meantime in Poland was snowing (-10 Celsius). Cold in Italy was penetrating beacuse of a strong wind. So I brought from Italy 1 pair of stockings, 1 pair of high socks, 2 pairs of gloves and 1 warm head band.

No air to breathe

Smokers were everywhere. And there was a lot of them. They are allowed to smoke in bus and train stops. Though you were safe among other tourists, they are more healthy to be next to.

Italians do not speak English

Beyond special informations points where people are paid for speaking English it was very difficult to find a person that speaks English. Do not try it on the street. Do not try it with bus drivers. Even our main airbnb host did not speak English. Nightmare.

I had an impression that Italians ignore you speaking English and force you to listen Italian, when it is clear you do not understand Italian. The most annoying thing in Italy in my opinion.

Fortunately waiters were familiar with English and most restaurants in the center of Rome had English menu. Thank you for that!


I am fan of old monuments. But I do not like monuments to be desecrated. By desecration I mean mixing present-day life with ancient buildings. That’s why I wanted to cry when I saw Roman Forum or Colosseum in Rome (or Arena in Pula, Croatia). It is hard to imagine ancient days with for example car traffic arround.

I am in general appalled about falsification of temples into churches (how could they) but I suppose we can not change it easily :(

Another sad thing was during winter many monuments are open up to 13.00 or about 15.00. A good thing may be in winter that there was almost no queue.

I was also disappointed with St. Peter’s Square. It was not like I saw it on pictures in the internet, tv and videos. I imagined it to be a big, big round square but in reality it was not so huge. I did not realize at first I am at the center on that square and I could not believe it when it occurred to me. Has Parisian syndrome a similar taste?

Any things I liked in Italy?

Travel prices and travel speed

What I would want to be implemented in other cities in the world is Rome’s prices of public transport. For only 1,5 euro you can travel by 100 minutes in Rome and suburb – by metro, bus, tram or urban railway. Amazing. This is definitely the thing I will miss.

A train from Bologna to Rome I was on board was very fast, approximately 240 km/h. Journey was so comfortable you could not feel you are traveling at all. You just do not feel the speed.


Food was delicious. Not as good as in Greece, but I will remember the taste :) Pizza and different kind of pasta are just not the same like in Poland.

Summarizing, Italy would not be a place to live for me. Some positive things, but negative are overwhelming.