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HTML, CSS and Javascript architecture in a little bit bigger projects

November 10, 2015
96 Polski

Sunday, 22 November 2015 from 10:00 to 18:00 UTC+01
Fundacja Przestrzeń Rozwoju
Paulińska 3, 31-065 Kraków, Poland

Workshops hosted by Fundacja Przestrzeń Rozwoju and Women in Technology.

The 8h workshop will cover:

  • code organization in slightly larger projects
  • using tools such as npm, gulp, sass, bower with automatization
  • effective teamwork using git
  • principles for creating a compact, easy-to-maintain code based on SMACSS and BEM
  • project patterns and approach when creating a modular JavaScript
  • useful tools and libraries and their practical usage
  • testing pages and applications
  • we’re also going to have a look at the new version of Javascript: ES6/ES2015


  • General knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS is required though basic is enough. For example, if you already are working or worked on some JS projects – that skill is enough.
  • Workshop spots exclusively reserved for women (only 12 spots).
  • Please bring your own computers. The practical part requires installed environment with nodejs/npm. People who will sign up for the workshop will be delivered installation instructions.

Jan Kraus

Jan Kraus is a senior frontend developer in CreativeStyle. He deals with frontend design, launching and delivering large e-commerce projects on daily basis. After hours creates Ruby on Rails projects, takes photos and loves jogging. He is a co-founder of Kazimir.


Workshops are co-funded by Fundacja Przestrzeń Rozwoju and UBS company.

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