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#hack4good 0.5 in Kraków is coming!

February 3, 2014

hack4good 0.5 Kraków

Kraków is hosting #hack4good among 50 30 cities world wide. It starts on Friday 7th February at 7 p.m. and will run for the next 48 hours and will be transmitted online on a spreecast. Together with Jan Kraus, Marcin Grochowina, Lidia Cibor and Maciej Wiktorowski – we are working hard on making it happen. I wish we had succeeded. I am so excited!

Geeklist is an social and code platform for developers. They started series of #hack4good. I participated in one before #hack4good 0.3 in Dublin. I liked it at once. I like the idea of helping people by using my abilities, by coding. And now I have another chance to do it with thousands of people.

#hack4good is an international hackathon that focuses on uniting developers and designers to help make the world a better place. We are working with global charities like Amnesty International, Oxam, NPR Labs as well as polish NGOs like Mam Marzenie, Unicorn, Krakowski Alarm Smogowy, Stowarzyszenie Krwiodawcy, Fundacja Czarna Owca Pana Kota, Dobra wola, Kraków Miastem bez Barier, The SidLab (guest) and more.

There will be experts and mentors available to help with challenging problems. Thanks to API partners there will be services and platforms available to use – sms api, estimote, Thank you a lot! Great tools to use.

The best applications from all will be awarded. Prizes become from generous sponsors like: HTC Polska, Estimote, e24cloud, smsAPI and Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN!

We provide food, drinks and snacks for attendees thanks to our the most excellent sponsors which are: google, creativestyle, codete, copper, makingwaves, softnauts, software-mansion. We have also community partners: hub:raum and colab.

We have built a website and we are posting important informations on facebook page. We did not forget about twitter as well. All current information you will find on that channels.

Come and join #hack4good hackathon! Let’s meet! Register on Eventbrite.