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hack4good 0.5 hackathon in Kraków exceeds expectations

February 26, 2014

The month of preparations

I was working hard full-time for the whole month, uniting NGOs, attendees and sponsors. I was focused 100% on organizing that event during last month. I am very proud about what has been created.

It was also my first public activity and public speaking project. It started when I had to promote the event on other events. I was a little nervous speaking to begin with but now I am more confident in front of audience.

We’ve gained over 450 fans on our facebook page, a large number of contacts and the experience of course.

And it happened!

Hack4good 0.5 came to an end. We were part of global event that connected people around the world: people in need, developers, representatives of non profit organizations, API providers and sponsors. Over 2,000 developers took part in that movement around the world. Activity in our venue was streamed online 48 hours.

We were working for the social good. It was an occasion to show generosity and it was an amazing event, it overcame my expectations. Only half of the declared attendees had appeared but each of them endured to the end. There was one team that did not sleep at all for 48 hours, after whole Friday at work (do we count 2 hours of sleep?). An outstanding effort. I hope the team got enough sleep after that.

What has been created

Developers divided into groups. Every team could choose an idea for a project from the list of our local challenges.

During the hackathon 8 projects have been created by 7 teams consisting of 2-5 persons. The judges (Ewa Spohn, Piotr Rudnicki, Dr Paweł Węgrzyn and Maciej Pałubicki) chose the best of them. They announced the winners of Hack4good 0.5 hackathon in Kraków!

1. Helping the blind within the city communication lines

2. Sending predefined text messages to 112 for hear- and speech impaired

3. Prompt reaction to blood shortage in the country

4. Promoting blood donation

And the other amazing projects from #hack4good 0.5 in Kraków:

The prizes were supplied by: HTC (phones), estimote (beacons), (cloud accounts) and PWN (books).

Thank you!

Special thanks to my fellow organizers: Jan Kraus, Lidia Cibor, Marcin Grochowina and Maciek Wiktorowski. Your work was very imporant, I could not have prepare hack4good in one month without you. Event could not happen without developers also. But the best element from all was a participation of representatives of NGO in that event – they helped by explaining their needs. That cooperation was certainly responsible for the success of the event. Applications that has been created are going to be used for real – they are needed and gladly accepted.

Again, thanks to amazing sponsors, thank you for the perfect cooperation!

A video created by Aks:

Read other relations from the event (PL): Jan Kraus and Sebastian Sikora.

What next?

We are trying to encourage developers and NGOs to cooperate even after hack4good in February.

And I am looking forward to the next Hack4good event to organize!

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