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Event with data brokers, big data and databases

May 15, 2015
96 Polski
Monday, 25 May 2015 at 18:00 UTC+02
Pauza In Garden
Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków, Poland
Grafika Ewelina Chromińska

This time Women in Technology Kraków hosts an event together with Association of Information Professionals.

Patrycja Hrabiec-Hojda and Justyna Trzeciakowska – With Google in my purse

The information broker is one of the oldest profession. A broker collects information from public and non-public sources and sells that information to other organizations.

We will talk about how brokers can help to a work of programmers, and how developers can make life easier for data brokers. Let’s discuss a future of into brokering in Poland.

Patrycja Hrabiec-Hojda – data broker with ten years of experience, CEO of data brokers company, PhD student at Jagiellonian University and a blogger. She designed standards of data broken profession for Ministry of Labor, trained ministerial advisors and Military Counterintelligence logistics office. Editor of the Information Market website. She is also active at Association of Information Professionals.

Justyna Trzeciakowska – data broker with five years of experience working at a large corporation. She provided data for many Polish and foreign companies. Co-creator of the agency, runs the Information Market portal and is involved with Association of Information Professionals.

Marcin Szałowicz – Around the world of MySQL Workbench

A closer look at the functionality of Workbench, helpful at work of DBA, such as user management, data and server monitoring.

Marcin Szałowicz – Programmer at MySQL Developer Tools team, began his adventure at Oracle in 2013, when he migrated from the world of DBA to C++. Previously worked with telemetry data.

Krzysztof Szarlej – Cloud Computing and OpenStack

Main topic of the presentation will be cloud computing and OpenStack. In today’s world, it turns out that the concept of Cloud Computing has become very overrated and inflated, this technology is surrounded by a touch of mystery and is referred to as the technological achievement of recent times, forgetting that the first clouds were created long before the second millennium.

The aim of the presentation is to show to participants what a computational cloud is, we will discuss their different types, how they differ from each other and what are their uses. Then, when we know what a cloud is, listeners will be presented with a modern technology thanks to which we can build efficient and scalable cloud solutions – OpenStack.

Krzysztof Szarlej – system administrator in his twenties who works at S.A. He is passionate about modern technologies, including cloud computing. For a year he actively participated in the implementation and now the maintenance of an infrastructure cloud served by servers based on OpenStack technology. He is a computer science student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, and spends his free time hiking.

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  • Photos from the event, fot. Jan Kraus