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Dublin October 2013

December 5, 2013

I have been to London before so I expected Dublin to be similar. I saw double-decker buses, met many polite people. But there was not many nations. You did not have to get by bus to the center for min. 1 hour. And it was not raining :)

We were staying by the south side of Liffey river. The city was interesting (architecture) and very easy to tour. Not so big city as I expected – everything was very close together, you could reach any place by walk in 30 minutes.

We arrived to Dublin just before Halloween time and meeting dressed people was a fun. Kids everywhere with theirs parents – all dressed as ghosts and witches. Something you won’t see in Poland.

Together with Jan we have been to Disney store (yeaa!) and in several cafes and restaurants. What I recommend you is Cornucopia, a vege restaurant. They have so tasty food, mmmm.
From important places we have seen only Trinity College Library, and I liked it. Books were always my favourites things in the world, so visiting such big and antique library was a pleasure for me.
Unfortunately we missed a chance to visit the Temple Bar pub :(
We had an occasion to walk on the cliffs in Howth – a solitary place if you don’t count a tourists. The weather was nice (everyone said we are lucky) and the trip was a success.

I regret that I could not to see more. But maybe next time :)