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Who am I?

Hi there
Hi there


I promote women in IT. I am Women in Technology meetings organizer in Kraków – meetings for women too get to know each other, to exchange knowledge and share passion. It helps women to be more confident with what they do. I am also Rails Girls coach.

I am the organizer of Hack4good hackathon in Kraków in association with Geeklist, where tech community helps NGO around the world.

I am a web developer since 2009. I adore Symfony2 and Ruby on Rails frameworks.
Find me on twitter and github. Talk to me about event management, web development and women in technology. Contact me by e-mail: contact at

I adore hackathons. I love sharing my knowledge. Here I provide personal, IT related recomendations, trips and events reports, and more. Privately I am books and cats lover.