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8. Women in Technology Kraków meeting – mobile apps

November 13, 2014
96 Polski

Event I am writing about
starts at 18:00 on 18. November
at Ambasada Krakowian at Stolarska 6/9 street.

Hi there :) Winter is coming, and xmas is coming, but also another meeting of Women in Technology in Kraków is coming, yay!

Topics of the meeting are strongly connected with mobile development:

  • Natalia Berdys, Joanna Dudoń – From the monster to the App Store – the first steps about creating an application for kids

    Natalia (programmer) and Joanna (illustrator) will tell a story about two girls who created appplication for children which is about feeding monsters. From the first ideas scribbled on a piece, the life of monsters on the iPad screen to marketing, atmosphere and relationships in IT branch – the girls will share with their mistakes, a little victories and a lot of experiences.

    Natalia Berdys

    Natalia Berdys has been an avid gamer and computer tinkerer since early childhood. After receiving her M.A. in American Literature, she taught herself to program with the aspiration to make oddball games and whimsical apps for Apple platforms.

    She has been coding for over a year and finds the Objective-C programming language poetic and allegorical. When she’s not coding or encouraging others to start doing so, or getting excited about obscure nerdy stuff, she loves gaming on old consoles, playing her bass guitar and performing at karaoke bars.

    Joanna Dudoń

    Joanna Dudoń is a native Polish highlander who ditched her folk costume to pursue a career in graphic design. While studying Journalism, she spent her nights drawing, finally becoming a self-taught illustrator 2 years ago.

    Since her sources of inspiration lie mostly in her dark imagination, she particularly enjoys illustrating the eerie, outlandish and mythical, such as monsters or nocturnal creatures. She enjoys experimental cooking, but the results are inedible, so she’s about to start a collection of tin wind-up toys instead.

  • Łukasz Libront – Mobilne aplikacje hybrydowe

    Presentation will describe technology to create hybrid mobile app on an example of real tasks and solutions – a comparison with other available mobile technologies. The most interesting elements may be encountered problems and tips&tricks – how to deal with them. At the end – some interesting ideas and a few words about fufure of this technology.

    Łukasz Libront

    A man like mine-of-ideas. He is not afraid of any challenges and new technologies. He is a Solution Architect and Team Leader at Sii company. He is experienced in implementation of applications (including mobile) for banking systems and rail system. He loves large amounts of data, which resulted in a thesis, which is about a locations in social networks. His passion for open data helped to develop a project on public data in Lesser Poland, which is called the “Open Lesser Poland”.

Please register on eventbrite to join this meeting.

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After the event let’s meet at #OMGKRK X-MASSive Party