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7. Women in Technology Kraków meeting – AngularJS and human in a project

November 11, 2014
96 Polski

Event starts at 18:00 and
takes place on 18. November
at ToTu Klub at Floriańska 18


  • Piotr Rogowski – Introduction to AngularJS

    What is AngularJS and how to start to work with it? Why should we be interested in it? A short introduction to how to create a firts project in AngularJS and which tools should we use.

    Piotr Rogowski

    Piotr studies at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. He is a Symfony2 and AngularJS developer. He practices karate and ballroom dancing in his free time.

  • Karolina Jarocka – Project’s psychology – a human in a project. Selected mechanisms of a project

    A project is not only a scope, budget and time. It is mostly a people and emotions between them. Their experiences, prejudices, motivations, social and personal skills. It’s an invisible aura of a project.

    Karolina Jarocka

    Karolina is a press journalist and a professional project manager. From many years she has been interested in the efficiency in project management, as well as coaching and personal development in the field of management psychology. She manages information systems. She supports development process of a project and its usability.

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