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4. Women in Technology Kraków

September 12, 2014
96 Polski

17th of September 2014 at 18:00
Pauza in Garden, Rajska 12

grafika Sebastian Sikora

4th Women in Technology meeting in Kraków is coming!


  • Wojtek Zając – 5 ways to accelerate your career

    The beginings in IT are not easy. More and more possiblities of technology, the fast pace of industry evolution – it makes us feel confused. How to find our favourite field? What to look for and pay atention when getting knowledge? During this presentation we will try to look at less boilerplate method of self-development.

    Wojtek Zając

    Wojtek is founder of the Krakow office, eight years working as a front-end developer at He conducted training responsive web design in Poland and the USA. Collaborated with Twitter, FOX Broadcasting Company, Riot Games, Rogers Media and O’Reilly. He specializes in the availability and performance of web sites.

    Twitter @theanxy

  • Ewelina Chromińska – SEO as a key in the searching for a meaning in life

    What really SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is? Optimize your webpages for search engines. How do effectively positioning? How positioning is associated with a meaning in life?
    A large dose of practical knowledge about SEO, and not only, is waiting for you during this presentatation.

    Ewelina Chromińska

    Ewelina studied Applied Computer Science AGH and Computer Science at the PK.
    Her had began with SEO industry, then was perfecting as a marketing/graphics specialist.
    Currently she likes doing design and creating 2D and 3D graphics. Her every day tasks are also creating websites and its optimization.
    She is passionate about LaTeX and do not want to know what the MS Word. She loves widing the bike and relaxing by stacking Rubik’s Cube.

    Twitter @ChrominskaE

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